Clare weaves the alchemy of the essence of nature and the intelligent foundations of energy healing.


Each Solstice and Equinox brings a new journey to help you to remain connected to the beat of nature and the beat of your inner being. 

Connecting back to what is happening in the natural world helps us to come into relationship with our own innate meanderings. 

As your nervous system delights in the hour long alchemical healing journey, you cultivate a sense of rest and recalibration that far outweighs a normal nights sleep and has lasting effects. The aim here is to set a peaceful space and simply RECEIVE. 

Designed to be available to you ON DEMAND, once you have purchased your journey, it can be taken as many times as you wish during the seasonal quarter. 

It is wonderful for an afternoon or evening deep rest. It can be played before sleep to help lull you in to deep rest states. Or anytime you feel yourself being pulled into the chaos of this modern world with its extreme changes and challenges, you can return to nature and the healing that never ever runs out within its essence. It is always available to you, and so is RECEIVE.




Beginning at Winter Solstice 2021, we welcome


Here we take a journey into the bleakness as we honour and return to the depths, where the alchemical secrets of life force gently rest… 

We meet our deepest comfort, our yin states and discover the embrace of the feminine as we journey through the grace of the void. 

As you cultivate your own alchemical healing via my voice, you take your subconscious to meet back with the beat of nature whilst fully surrendering to the deepest yin state. 

Deep Winter recalibration allows you to be held in your bleakness as you delight the nervous system with what it asks of you at this time of the year. 



(Winter Solstice)

  • A deeply mystical, alchemical feminine portal.
  • A cocoon of restful yin within the darkness.
  • Receive deep healing and wisdom of the season. Attune to your inner needs. 


(Spring Equinox)

  • As signs of life begin to appear from the ashes of winter, we begin to stir and awaken here at the seasonal balance point.
  • Light and dark equalise and we welcome the transitions of the emergent.



(Summer Solstice)

  • Flying sweetly into the delightfully energetic yang of the seasonal wheel.
  • The light overrides the dark and the bounty is in full bloom in the natural world…
  • We tame the fire inside as we continue to soak up the beauty and the bounty all around.
  • Honouring the divine masculine and savouring all that it provides


(Autumn Equinox)

  • A sweet and nostalgic wind down as we make the colourfully poetic descent toward the void.
  • Attuning to the beginnings of the dying phase as the bounty of summer turns orangey brown and begin to let go of all that wishes to fall away…

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