Each iteration of The Cusp takes its own journey and I see myself as a humble vessel for what desires to come forth. 

 I am always amazed by the equalising power of the season change...

This soft yet potent series of devotional sittings weaves its magic with curated breath, closed eye contemplation, poetic thought and moments of meditative silence as we attune to the seasonal shift.

 The power of these aspects gently lead to a visceral experience of the intangible magic of the subtle within us and all around us.

 So come on in and join the sweetly woven energetic web of The Cusp. 

I know it takes huge trust to be guided into such an unknown process and to hand yourself over energetically is a huge thing, to guide this container is a real honour. 

Clare ~ Creator of The Cusp

join the journey


"The Cusp is poetry and deeply intelligent, embodied connection to the wisdom of the seasonal wheel. I get melancholy in Autumn, The Cusp grounds my impatience and allows me to embrace the changes." 


Honestly one of the most expansive and moving few days of my life


"This has to be my absolute favourite time of year. Every time I sink into The Cusp it touches differently... If you have never experienced this then I implore you to. You won't be sorry and can thank me later" 





  • A devotional morning sitting practice that meanders the course of 5 days...

  • Each 30 minute session is held live on zoom AND Instagram live via a private Instagram portal.

  • Sessions are recorded and stored in your digital portal for you to revisit or to catch up on if you need to miss a session or if you prefer to take the practice at a different time of day to suit you.

  • There is no obligation to turn up live, although I can highly recommend the energy of being in the moment with me. 

  • An integrative recorded practice will be gifted into your portal for a relaxing continuation after the live sessions are finished. All content is yours to keep for 30 days.